We never looked back after creating this brand in 2015!

Striict Apparel was created by Ballerzdistrict to offer affordable but durable and fashionable clothing for street artisans in 2015.

Over the years we've been through many different communities and established an idea of what people are looking for when wearing clothes that represents what they stand for. We didn't want to be a simple clothingline that doesn't mean anything to the artisan wearing is, we want to be a brand people are happy to wear and represent.

With every single piece of clothing that we have put out we strive to improve the quality, offer comfort and keep it affordable for the artists and athletes.

Striict Apparel is also focussing on a casual line in the future for everyone else!

We only care about you!

STRIICT APPAREL is a Balllerzdistrict brand established in 2015 for the people who have a passion for streetwear and sports. Made for street artisans who have a passion for streetwear and the street style.

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Find some answers at our support page. Got more questions? Feel free to email us or contact us through Instagram.

If you wish to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us aswell! We will always reply!

STRIICT Apparel is based in The Netherlands.

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