Be Striict!

This t-shirt will make your skills even more stylish, don't have any skills? No worries!

The STRIICT X TEE also suits for casual wear.


The material is soft and 100% cotton, the white logo stands out and is also softly printed.

To ensure authenticity, we added a leather patch with our logo in it, this makes the shirt unique and authentic.


Unisex for young and old.

STRIICT Original Tee

  • The STRIICT Original Tee is a normal fit, not tight and not loose.

    If you want a tighter fit pick a size smaller or if you prefer a more loose fit you can pick a size bigger.


    Kids are recommended to pick Size XS, 164 or 176, these will fit nicely.

STRIICT APPAREL is a Balllerzdistrict brand established in 2015 for the people who have a passion for streetwear and sports. Made for street artisans who have a passion for streetwear and the street style.

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Find some answers at our support page. Got more questions? Feel free to email us or contact us through Instagram.

If you wish to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us aswell! We will always reply!

STRIICT Apparel is based in The Netherlands.

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